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July 2019 Illinois Passes Largest Infrastructure Bill in State History

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Local 150 Takes Action on Illinois’ Crumbling Roads and Bridges

The recent emergency closure of the Lake Shore Drive bridge in Downtown Chicago has drawn public attention to Illinois’ worsening infrastructure crisis. An electrician changing a bulb beneath the bridge – which handles 55,000 vehicles per day – discovered that an iron beam had cracked, prompting a closure and the discovery of another cracked beam beneath the bridge.

This was a warning in which we were all fortunate that no lives were lost, but there are more than 2,300 “structurally deficient” bridges across Illinois that families drive across every day without knowing the potential danger they are in.

To draw attention to this crisis and urge legislators to provide the funding needed to repair these roads and bridges, the Fight Back Fund has launched the #LookUp campaign, asking members of the public to look up as they drive under bridges to see the decay in our infrastructure.

When you drive under a bridge, LOOK UP, and if you see a bridge in terrible shape, take a photo and post it on social media with #LookUp or just email it to