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$31B Capital Bill Safe!

This morning, the Illinois Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the $31 billion “Illinois Jobs Now” capital plan is constitutionally sound, allowing work to continue without interruption. The capital plan was in question after Blackhawks owner and liquor distributor Rocky Wirtz raised concerns over the effect the taxes funding the projects would have on his business.

James Sweeney made the following statement after the announcement this morning:

“Today’s decision by the Supreme Court brings a sigh of relief for working men and women in Illinois. The possibility of a work interruption has been hanging like a black cloud over the families who are depending on these jobs, so this is very good news. This job-creating program is a lifeline for hundreds of thousands in Illinois, and its importance is further signified by the bipartisan support it received when it was passed.”

Members of Local 150 and other unions have watched eagerly as the capital bill projects have been faced with two serious challenges this summer, the first over the lack of a spending authorization bill, which was passed in June. With today’s ruling, there are currently no more obstacles ahead of the billions of dollars in projects.

The Illinois Department of Transportation job lettings can continue without question over whether the projects will be able to proceed. The next large letting is scheduled for August 5th.

Needless to say, today’s ruling is great news for working men and women in Illinois.

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