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January 2021 Light at the End of the Tunnel

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Political Action Committee

One of the greatest tools that Local 150 can use to help labor-friendly candidates get elected is our Political Action Committee (PAC). 

Our PAC is funded by members who elect to contribute at a rate of 5 cents an hour. This money supports elected officials and candidates who support us and what we value: prevailing wage, the right to picket, and good-paying jobs.


Over the last two years, the majority of work for Local 150 members working in construction has been publicly-funded work on roads, bridges, schools, and other projects that are approved by state and local governments. Making sure that government seats are filled by people who understand the importance of keeping skilled tradesmen and women on the job will ensure that these projects continue to be invested in, which will provide jobs for thousands of Local 150 members.

The 5 cents per hour is taken from your paycheck. It is a small sum when you are working, and if you are not working, you do not contribute, so please consider supporting the PAC.

If you would like more information on the PAC and how you can help protect Local 150 jobs, please call (708) 482-8800.