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Anti-Union Indiana Congressman Todd Rokita Loses Bid for U.S. Senate Seat

In Indiana’s May 8th Primary, anti-union Congressman Todd Rokita lost his bid for the Republican nomination in November’s Senate Election. He was defeated by businessman Mike Braun, who will now face Democrat Joe Donnelly in the General Election.

Todd Rokita commonly voted against Davis-Bacon prevailing wage in Congress and most recently championed an effort to exempt native lands and reservations from the National Labor Relations Act, which would have removed the most basic labor rights and protections from workers in those areas. 

Despite repeatedly meeting with officials from Local 150 and the International Union of Operating Engineers headquarters in Washington, Rokita remained closed-minded to arguments and policies that would benefit workers.

While Braun’s labor positions are currently unclear, kicking Rokita out of Congress and keeping him out of the Senate is a clear positive outcome of Tuesday’s primary. 

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