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Coalition of Unions Continues Attack on Lincolnshire’s Failed “Right to Work” Ordinance

On June 30, 2017, Local 150 and the other unions suing the Village of Lincolnshire to block its so-called “Right to Work” ordinance filed their brief in the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. Along with IUOE Local 399, The Carpenters District Council and the Laborers District Council, Local 150 successfully convinced the federal district court in Chicago to strike down the Ordinance last January. The Village of Lincolnshire appealed to the 7th Circuit, and now gets a chance to reply to our brief sometime next month.

The Lincolnshire “Right to Work” ordinance tried to outlaw union security clauses in labor agreements which require non-members represented by the unions to pay their fair share of the costs of that representation. The ordinance also tried to make it illegal to negotiate clauses which establish a hiring hall, or allow employees to voluntarily have their union dues taken out of their paychecks.

Unions and most employers oppose government efforts to interfere with free collective bargaining, and the efforts by anti-union groups to drive down wages and undermine working conditions with these pernicious laws.

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