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Federal Court Sides with Scabby and Local 150 in Donegal Bannering Case

This afternoon, Federal Judge Gary Feinerman issued an opinion siding with Local 150 in our case against the National Labor Relations Board over our use of inflatable rats and banners in activities related to Donegal Services.

NLRB Regional Director Peter Ohr filed a petition against Local 150, stating that our use of inflatable rats and banners were tantamount to picketing and thus were being illegally utilized. 

A claim like this is, of course, nothing new to Local 150. Since inventing Scabby in 1988, we have perfected its use, drawn challenges from employers and municipalities, and led the fight for Scabby’s well-established legal rights. In agreement with many past opinions, Judge Feinerman sided with Local 150, stating that “peaceful bannering likewise is protected free speech.”

Scabby is a tool of free speech. He has been, and because we will always take up the fight on his behalf, he always will be. 

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