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October 2021 Recapping Pension Improvement Details

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Defeat Indiana House Bill 1234!

Indiana Representative Jerry Torr has authored legislation to ban local governments from using Responsible Bidder Ordinances (RBOs). Torr authored the repeal of Indiana’s Common Construction Wage Law, and now he is launching another attack on the wages of Indiana’s union contractors along with working men and women.

Read House Bill 1234 by clicking here.

This plan would ban local governments from exercising home rule and setting a standard for the contractors who bid on taxpayer-funded projects. It would be a government overreach, and it has no place in the legislature.

Call Governor Holcomb and the legislative leaders below to tell them to oppose HB1234.

  • Gov. Eric Holcomb– Governor, State of Indiana: (317) 232-4567
  • Rep. Todd Huston– Speaker, Indiana House of Representatives: (800) 382-9841
  • Sen. Rodric Bray– President Pro Tempore, Indiana Senate (800) 382-9467