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IDOT Notice: Construction to Continue

On Saturday, March 21, IDOT issued the following notice:

The Illinois Department of Transportation is taking several steps to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, while keeping our commitment to protect the health and safety of the public and our employees.

We take this obligation very seriously.

At IDOT, under the leadership of Gov. JB Pritzker, the agency will continue to focus on keeping infrastructure in safe and in good condition.

We remain open for business at this time with a special focus on our critical mission of maintaining a safe, reliable system of transportation for Illinois. Our roads and bridges are open and will stay open. Maintenance and operations staff remain on duty throughout the state, as usual, with the No. 1 goal again of providing safe, reliable transportation for all users.

Likewise, our rest areas remain open 24/7. Now, more than ever, this is a vital resource for motorists, truckers and other travelers in Illinois. The janitorial crews are diligently and frequently cleaning and disinfecting each facility.

There are no plans to stop or suspend construction because of this health crisis. Workers who support the construction of critical or strategic infrastructure are considered essential by the Department of Homeland Security and have a special responsibility to maintain a normal work schedule. With our partners in industry, we will strive to keep this construction season on schedule.

We are continuing to maintain and support the popular to provide the latest on road conditions, ongoing projects and other important traveler information.

Following the governor’s stay-at-home order, we have postponed all public meetings until further notice.

The department’s personnel department is continuing to post and fill positions while determining strategies for conducting interviews for prospective job candidates.

Throughout this crisis, IDOT remains in constant contact with state health and emergency management officials to do its part during this global health situation. In conjunction with Gov’s Pritzker’s order, IDOT personnel are teleworking when possible, with a top priority of maintaining the high level of service that the public expects.

As public awareness is key during the spread of this coronavirus, we have also begun sharing safety messages on our digital highway signs throughout the state. These messages include, “Feeling Sick?, Stay Home, Call Doctor” and “Staying Home, Can Save Lives, COVID-19.” These are short, easy-to-read messages to help reinforce the importance of preventing the spread of the virus.

Likewise, we will continue to ask the public and our employees to follow commonsense guidelines of washing your hands, covering your mouth when you cough and staying home when you’re sick. The websites for the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control are outstanding resources on what you can do to protect yourself.

Illinois is the transportation hub of the nation. With that distinction comes a huge responsibility that IDOT is prepared to meet of making sure the agency is providing essential services every day.

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