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Illinois to See $675M in New Road Work this Spring

​On February 7th, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed a bill that will pump an additional $675 million into the Illinois Department of Transportation budget for road construction this spring.

This infusion comes at a very important time, with this year’s budget being previously reduced by nearly 40 percent compared to last year’s.

The “found money” comes from leftover state and federal funds, but the new funding still leaves IDOT funding lower than last year by nearly half a billion dollars.

Work on the Illinois Tollway will help to offset this decrease. As new work, including the reconstruction of Interstate 90, begins this year, the Tollway expects to spend nearly $600 million on construction alone. Tollway work is all within the geographic jurisdiction of Local 150.

“This funding will soften the blow of IDOT’s budget reduction,” said president-business manager James M. Sweeney. “Much remains to be done to secure Illinois’ road fund in the future and put it on a sustainable path, but this funding will make a difference this year. We will continue to maintain our infrastructure, and thousands of good-paying jobs will be created.”

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