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Local 150 Sues Lincolnshire Over “Right to Work” Law

On February 18, Local 150 joined three other unions in filing a lawsuit against the Village of Lincolnshire over its passage of a “right to work” ordinance in December. The lawsuit contends that the National Labor Relations Act allows only “states and territories” to pass these laws.

Hundreds of Local 150 members joined fellow union members in attendance at the December Village Council meeting to protest the ordinance’s passage.

“Anti-union politicians are trying to weaken unions with these laws, and in states where they can’t push them through, they are now trying to go outside the rules in smaller units of government,” said Local 150 president-business manager James M. Sweeney.

“Federal law is very clear that only states and territories can pass these laws, and we are very confident that this ordinance will be thrown out in its entirety.”

A federal court in Kentucky recently struck down county-based right to work laws that were passed there.

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