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Local 150 Training Site Paid Off

Training Site Paid Off

In May, the last payment was made on the construction loans for the William E. Dugan Training Center, and ownership of the site has been officially transferred to the members of Local 150.

Construction of the site begun in #### and the doors opened for the first time on ####. Since then, more than #,###,### training hours have been logged and more than ###,### certifications have been issued. The site has been lauded as the premier facility for operator training in the United States, and with good reason.

Features like the indoor arena, the indoor paving bay, the material technician lab, welding bay and a host of others have made this a facility that allows for full-capacity training throughout the year. Members who found themselves in need of “retooling” after the collapse of the housing market in 2008 were able to quickly learn paving, drilling, or other in-demand equipment and get out to work.

When the construction of this facility was proposed by former President-Business Manager William Dugan, he envisioned it as the property of the members, and no one else. With this in mind, the loans were paid by a one percent dues assessment – no grants, federal dollars, or contractor contributions. The site was to belong to the men and women of Local 150.

And today it does.