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January 2021 Light at the End of the Tunnel

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Today, more than a hundred Local 150 members traveled from across Northern Indiana to the Statehouse in Indianapolis to voice their displeasure with the “right to work” bill that is being pushed by the extreme-right wing leaders of the House and Senate.

A “right to work” law makes it illegal for a union to require members working under its contracts to pay dues, but the contract still requires the union to represent those who pay  nothing, effectively forcing the union to work for free.

For this bill to come from Republicans is ironic, since Republicans typically frown on any sort of private-sector intrusion from government bodies.

“This is about as un-Republican as it gets,” said Financial Secretary David Fagan. “This isn’t about worker freedom or creating jobs. This is about weakening unions, lowering wages, and bringing in campaign dollars from the corporate interests that will profit from a weaker working class.”

The bill is also been given the go-ahead from Governor Mitch Daniels, who Local 150 supported in each of the past two gubernatorial elections for his job-creating efforts including the Major Moves capital plan and his general support of infrastructure investments.

Members will be taking the trip to Indianapolis on Thursday the 5th and Friday the 6th as well, as Republican leaders attempt to “fast track” this bill toward passage.

If you would like to get on one of the buses bringing members to the Statehouse, call the District 7 Hall at 219-736-7710.

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