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The Welfare Fund Board of Trustees is proud to announce their partnership with Activate Healthcare, the Union Division of Everside, and their Family Medical Centers effective April 1, 2021.  If you are an eligible active member or eligible retiree of the Retiree Welfare Plan (RWP), you and your covered eligible dependents will be able to use the Activate Healthcare Family Medical Centers. Covered services provided at the centers are free!

This partnership opens access to Family Medical Centers to our eligible members and families that reside near Rockford, Illinois, and Davenport, Iowa that were not previously available. These state-of-the-art facilities will provide the same services as our existing Operators’ Health Centers (OHCs) in Countryside and Merrillville, including:

  • Same- or next-day appointments that are convenient and secure
  • Comprehensive care with qualified providers that involves service offerings for preventive care and routine checkups, wellness coaching, mental health screenings and support, urgent needs, chronic condition management, and much more
  • Follow-up appointments to schedule in-person office visits (when necessary), send ePrescriptions, initiate lab work, or provide referrals
  • National virtual care program through computer or mobile device (video or phone call) for 24/7 access from anywhere

Activate Healthcare is currently operating 69 clinics across the country that is now available to all our eligible members and retirees (including Medicare-eligible retirees), and their covered eligible dependents. We are excited about expanding access to quality health care to eligible active members, retirees and dependents of the Local 150!

Chiropractic Services

The Davenport, IA and Rockford, IL Activate Health Centers are pleased to announce that they have expanded their list of services to include chiropractic services.

Tiffany Themas, Doctor of Chiropractic Care, is providing services in the Davenport, IA Activate Heath Center.

Shashank Saxena, Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine (DC), is providing services in the Rockford, IL Activate Health Center.

Services may include but not limited to:

• Chiropractic adjustments
• Soft and deep tissue therapy
• Rehabilitation
• Conditioning
• Acupuncture
• Cupping
• Dynamic Tapping

To make an appointment today, call either Davenport, IA at (563) 214-1599 or Rockford, IL at (779) 368-0757.

Diabetes Management

Activate has partnered with Northwind Pharmacy to provide a diabetes management program.  Eligible patients will receive a letter in the mail inviting them to the program.  If the patient signs the Commitment Agreement, the patient will engage with a coach, attend monthly interaction meetings, and all medications and supplies will be provided for FREE.  The diabetes care kit will include oral diabetes medication, insulin, syringes, glucose meters and test strips, continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), lancets, alcohol swabs, sharps container, insulin pump & supplies, blood pressure monitor, and diabetes information and additional resources.

If a patient enrolls in the partnership with Northwind Diabetes, the engagement complements the patient’s care program; the patient will maintain their primary care provider/Endocrinologist.  In fact, a notification letter to the patient’s provider will be sent outlining the program and partnership.

After enrollment into the program, the patient will schedule their first appointment and the diabetes care kit will be ordered.  At the first appointment, the patient will receive their kit with an overview of the program, set expectations, and engage with a coach and consult with a dietician.  During the monthly patient interaction, their will be a review of the patient’s blood sugar trends, lifestyle coaching will be provided, and additional program compliance coaching. The patient’s primary care provider will also be given a progress report and any insights.

Activate is thrilled with the Northwind Pharmacy partnership to provide quality care and outcomes for our patients with diabetes.   For more information, contact either Activate Health Care locations; Davenport, IA at (563) 214-1599 or Rockford, IL at (779) 368-0757.