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If you are a new hourly eligible member that establishes eligibility on or after March 1, you will have coverage under the Bronze PPO Plan for your first year of coverage.  The Plan year ends March 31, so during the following Open Enrollment (mid-January through February) you are then able to select one of the health plan options available through the Midwest Operating Engineers Health Plan Marketplace.

How do I establish eligibility?

You must work 300 hours in a rolling consecutive 12-month period to become eligible.  This is followed by a two-month lag (administrative) period, then you will be eligible for benefits under the Midwest Operating Engineers Health Plan Marketplace and will be auto-enrolled and have coverage under the Bronze PPO Plan for the remainder of the Plan Year (April 1 – March 31).  The Bronze PPO Plan is the lowest credit costing health plan option in the Marketplace.

Eligibility Examples:

In Example 1 in the chart below, the member will have coverage under the Bronze PPO Plan starting September 1.  In Example 2, the member will have coverage under the Bronze PPO Plan starting October 1.  The member in example 3 has not met eligibility requirements, therefore, is not showing eligible.

During the Administration Period, if you have not already done so, you must create your My150 account and upload your required documents as noted above.  Once the Fund Office validates your dependents, you can go in to your My150 account and select your coverage tier (Member only, Member +1, Family).



How can I maximize my benefits available to me under the Bronze PPO Plan?

  • ACA preventive services are covered at 100% if utilizing BCBS in-network providers
    • Medical providers in Illinois, contact BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois at (800) 571-1043 or www.bcbsil.com.
    • Medical providers outside of Illinois, contact Blue Card at (800) 810-BLUE or www.bcbsil.com.
  • All plan covered services are FREE if you utilize the Operators’ Health Center (OHC) located on the Countryside Campus (708) 485-2273 or in Merrillville, IN (219) 525-1150 or an Everside Health Center:
    • DOT Physicals are available; you must call to make an appointment. These appointments are longer in duration; therefore, walk-in appointments may not be accommodated.  If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, please call and re-schedule or cancel.
    • Physical Therapy is available at both Operators’ Health Center locations.
    • Chiropractor services are available at the Everside Rockford, IL and Davenport, IA Health Centers.
    • Behavioral Health services are available in-person or via telehealth at the OHC in Countryside, IL.
  • Most plan covered services are FREE at the  MinuteClinics located in a CVS or Target retail store – there are some cash-pay services. Click here to view a list of MinuteClinic services.
  • FREE physical therapy is available at ATI Physical Therapy facilities, if determined as medically necessary
  • ERS (Member Assistance Program) provides up to five FREE counseling sessions per episode
  • Gateway Foundation and Recovery Centers of America (RCA) provides residential substance abuse treatment and all outpatient follow up treatment at absolutely no cost to the patient.
  • Absolute Solutions imaging network provides free MRI, CT, and PET scans.
  • Family Supplemental Benefit (FSB) is $2,000
    • You can receive reimbursement for vision services under your FSB. Be sure to use the EyeMed Advantage Network to extend your FSB dollars. This network provides deeper discounts on vision ware.
    • You can receive reimbursement under your FSB for dental services as this plan does not include dental coverage.

Where can I find additional information regarding the MOE Health Plan Marketplace?

The Marketplace Plans page contains all the pertinent information regarding the Marketplace.