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October 2021 Recapping Pension Improvement Details

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OECP License Extension Information

On March 30, we received the following update from the OECP:

In compliance with the President’s directives, and those of the Governors of the States, in regard to the current Covid-19 Pandemic, OECP understands and seeks to assist all Operators that test for certification with OECP.   To accommodate all participating Operators, OECP has taken action to protect all participating Operators whose certifications will expire during this time.  

Effective March 16, 2020, any qualified Operator whose certification would expire during this time will be entitled to an extension of Sixty (60) days beyond the expiration date to test for recertification.

All Operators are put on notice that if your certification expires during this time period, you will be operating on an expired certification.   We are doing all we can to assist you, but we do not have the power or authority to extend the actual certification during this time period.  If we are notified of any changes to the certification policy by OSHA, we will notify you.

The Operators that test for recertification within that Sixty (60) days will have Five (5) years added to the original certification date.    

OECP understands and seeks to assist its members in any way it can through this very serious Pandemic.  

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