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January 2021 Light at the End of the Tunnel

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Project Labor Agreements Under Attack in Indiana – Member Action Requested!

One of the most concerning pieces of legislation threatened by anti-labor Republicans in Indiana during last fall’s campaign was a law banning the use of Project Labor Agreements.

True to their word, lawmakers introduced this legislation, in the form of Senate Bill 333.

PLA’s encourage the use of skilled local labor at wage rates commensurate with what is generally paid in the area. By hiring skilled labor and passing over low-wage, out of state workers who may not be skilled to perform the required work, customers are assured of the most productive workforce possible, saving time and money.

When local workers are put to work, they spend their money in their communities, providing an economic stimulus to the immediate area. This benefits the State of Indiana far more than a traveling workforce that brings its money home to spend in other areas of the country after a project is complete.

Senate Bill 333 threatens to open the floodgates to lesser skilled workers who cannot offer what Local 150 Operating Engineers can!

We need to make sure every soul in Indianapolis hears our voice on this issue.

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