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Rep. Lance Yednock’s Ban on Local “Right to Work” Laws Passes House, Heads to Gov. Pritzker for Signature

This morning, the Illinois House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 1474, which bans local “right-to-work” zones in the State of Illinois. The bill, sponsored by Local 150 member Rep. Lance Yednock, passed by a margin of 101-8 and will head to Governor Pritzker’s desk after a procedural vote in the Senate. 

The National Labor Relations Act allows “states and territories” to adopt “right-to-work” laws, and when the Village of Lincolnshire passed a local ordinance, Local 150 joined three other unions in filing a lawsuit to invalidate the ordinance. This law will bar any other municipalities from passing these illegal ordinances and stop a political effort to push this fight to a Supreme Court eager to rule against unions at nearly every opportunity.

The fight over local “right-to-work” ordinances is the issue that brought Lance Yednock into politics, so the passage of the bill that he sponsored is a satisfying achievement for him as well as a major accomplishment on behalf of working people in Illinois.  

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