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Right to Work Defeated in Indiana

​This afternoon, it became official- “right to work” is dead in Indiana. House Speaker Brian Bosma said the legislation would not be reintroduced in this session.

Rallies of union workers from across the Midwest began on Tuesday as Indiana became the latest state to examine anti-worker legislation.

As in other states, democratic lawmakers left the capitol to leave the legislature without the necessary quorum to conduct business. Unlike states like Wisconsin, however, lawmakers listened to the concerns of the construction workers, teachers, nurses, and other working men and women who came to the capital to be heard.

Local 150 members began calling and emailing Republican legislators last week when it became evident that this bill would be forthcoming.

“This defeat of right to work cannot be overstated,” said Local 150 President-Business Manager James M. Sweeney. “Workers are under attack across the Midwest, and our members quickly joined in to fight the good fight alongside other union workers. The threat in Wisconsin has served as a reminder to union members everywhere that we have to be ready to fight to protect what we have.”

“The fight is never over. We have to stay on top of these issues and always be ready to get in the ears of those we elect to represent us. Thankfully, reasonable heads prevailed, and many of these legislators saw that this bill was simply bad for workers.”

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