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October 2021 Recapping Pension Improvement Details

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This morning, the Indiana House of Representatives labor committee voted 8-5 to send the legislation, unamended, to the full House for vote. Democrats then boycotted the session in the house, leaving the chamber short of the required number of legislators present to conduct business, so the House was unable to take up the matter for discussion or vote.

Democrat legislators boycotted House sessions last week, and finally returned yesterday. Several legislators said that the “fast track” process employed in the House committee today prompted them to boycott the session.

According to the Indianapolis Star, Rep. Craig Fray, a Mishawaka Democrat who is taking part in the boycott said he had “never seen such a neglect of the constitution and the rules of the House as what we witnessed this morning when they didn’t take testimony or allow amendments on such an important bill. We have to keep fighting all the way to the Super Bowl.”

Until enough Democrats return to the House for it to conduct business, the “right to work” bill cannot be voted on or moved forward. While Democrats has acknowledged that they cannot stop the bill from passing by sheer numbers alone, they are aiming to slow the process to give Indiana workers and lawmakers time to learn more about what damage this law will really do.

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