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October 2021 Recapping Pension Improvement Details

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You don’t have to look very far or very hard to see that Mitt Romney’s policies toward unions are not favorable. In his speeches, commercials, flyers, website, and even in the debates, Mitt Romney has clearly shown his favor to having an America where unions are weakened. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are the words straight from the man himself:

  • Supports a National Right to Work Law — “Right to work is the right way to go and I’d like to see it at the national level.”  (Detroit Free Press, 2/19/12)

  • Vows to Repeal Davis-Bacon Act Prevailing Wages “If I become President…I will fight to repeal Davis-Bacon!” (Speech to the Associated Builders and Contractors, Phoenix, AZ (3/7/12)

  • Will Prohibit Project Labor Agreements — “If I become President, on day one I will end government’s favoritism towards unions and contracting on federal projects and end Project Labor Agreements.” (Speech to the Associated Builders and Contractors, Phoenix, AZ (3/7/12)

  • Wants to Eliminate the National Labor Relations Board — “The National Labor Relations Board is now stacked with union stooges selected by the President.” (The Hill, 1/5/12)  Richard Griffin, the former General Counsel to the IUOE in Washington, DC, is a member of the National Labor Relations Board. 

Mitt Romney’s solution for struggling businesses has always been to cut wages and eliminate benefits for workers. He criticized the automotive bailout in the third debate, saying that he would have taken it a step further to eliminate excess benefit costs. Despite the fact that the automotive industry is once again turning profits quarter after quarter, he would reduce pensions, healthcare, and wages to squeeze every last dime out of the companies.

Mitt Romney is bad for workers. ​Keep this in mind when you go to vote this fall.

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