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January 2021 Light at the End of the Tunnel

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Scabby on the Scene for Protest in Algonquin Township

Despite the constant rain on Wednesday night, four inflatable rats and more than 100 members were on hand for a rally outside the Algonquin Township Highway Department in Crystal Lake. The protest was in response to incoming Highway Commissioner Andrew Gasser’s firing of three members on his first day in office.

Gasser arranged an early swearing in on May 15th so he could greet three employees with termination papers as they arrived at work. While he refused to give a reason for the terminations, it is widely believed that he fired two of them because of their relation to the previous commissioner and one other for political reasons. 

Gasser was served multiple grievances on that day for terminating employees without just cause, which he has refused to respond to. Local 150 has since demanded arbitration and filed Unfair Labor Practice charges against the Township for repudiating the contract, which Gasser has done both verbally and in writing.

The Illinois Labor Relations Board certified this group as a bargaining unit represented by Local 150, yet Gasser refuses to recognize the contract. We will pursue relief for our members through every possible avenue.

It is also worth noting that Gasser is the President of the Tea Party in Space. Yes, you read that correctly. 

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