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Amidst a heated battle against so-called “right to work” legislation in Indiana, Local 150 President-Business Manager James Sweeney once again expressed his disappointment in Governor Daniels for changing the position Daniels took on “right to work” when he sought Local 150’s support in his 2004 campaign.

In a letter sent to Governor Daniels on Friday, Sweeney wrote that we know that Daniels understands that “right to work” does not work “because you put it on paper” and that “to say we are disappointed in your flip-flop would be a tremendous understatement.”

Read the letter from Sweeney by clicking here

The “right to work” legislation passed in the Senate on Monday night, and House leaders claim that the legislation has enough votes to pass in the House. When it clears both chambers, it will go to Daniels for a signature, and Sweeney urged Daniels to reconsider his support because the majority of Indiana residents do not support the legislation.

“If you need proof of that, just look out your office window. Indiana’s middle class is right there,” Sweeney wrote.

In 2004, when Daniels sought Local 150’s endorsement, he pledged against the legislation on his campaign letterhead. 

In his first seven years as Governor, Daniels supported initiatives that created thousands of jobs for Local 150 members in Indiana, but this final act is nothing short of outright betrayal.

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