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Updated COVID-19 Policy for the William E. Dugan Training Center

In order to comply with Governor Pritzker’s recent Executive Order, the Trustees of the Local 150 Apprenticeship and Skill Improvement Program have updated the COVID-19 Policy for staff and members visiting the William E. Dugan Training Center. The Vaccination Policy can be viewed here.

The updated policy was approved by the Trustees after Apprenticeship Fund counsel carefully reviewed the Executive Order and determined that our Apprenticeship Program is covered, as it clearly meets the definition of an Institution of Higher Education. Counsel also found that the Executive Order is valid and thus far unchallenged, and that courts have broadly upheld state vaccine mandates for decades.  

The Trustees’ primary objective when adjusting policies throughout the pandemic has been to provide a safe and healthy environment for staff and members to work and train. In addition, we have a legal obligation to adhere to Executive Orders to avoid liability arising from illness or injury resulting from non-compliance. Refusing to adhere to this Executive Order would expose our Apprenticeship Program to unnecessary risk and expense that Labor and Management Trustees agreed would be reckless and illegal.

Trustees will continue to monitor health and safety regulations and associated developments and act swiftly to ensure the safety, compliance and accessibility of the Apprenticeship and Skill Improvement Program. 

After a brief closure in early 2020, the Training Center was able to reopen and continue to provide instruction for members because we have adapted and adhered to applicable laws and regulations. We will continue to operate in a manner that allows the program to remain open, as an interruption or closure would be unacceptable. 

This policy, like so many things through the course of the pandemic, requires the continued patience and flexibility of the membership and staff, and we truly appreciate your understanding as we continue to navigate through these unprecedented circumstances.

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