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USDOL Certifies Local 150 Election Results

August 30- Below are the United States Department of Labor’s certified results of the 2010 Local 150 election: 

President-Business Manager
7,178- James M. Sweeney
2,973- Roger F. Allen
Recording-Corresponding Secretary
6,939- Steven M. Cisco
3,105- Thomas F. Ryan
Trustee Top 3 Elected
7,101- Raymond G. Perlick
6,630- Scott S. Shahbaz
7,594- Douglas Vaughn
3,968- Richard Jankosky, Jr.
Auditor Top 3 Elected
7,061- Joseph M. Gallik
6,976- Chandler A. Helton
7,415- Paul N. McGrath
3,582- Derrick R. Mootrey
6,901- David J. Reda
2,906- Adam Hernandez
District 6 Executive Board
184- Thomas A. Young
140- Eric L. Englehardt
District 8 Executive Board
246- Willis Wisely
199- Richard Tompkins
The following candidates were elected without opposition: 

Vice President- James J. McNally

Financial Secretary-David A. Fagan

Treasurer- Marshall E. Douglas II

Guard-Patrick J. Feeney

Executive Board District 1- Matt Ruane

Executive Board District 2- D.M. Dave Papesh

Executive Board District 3-Daniel W. Schrader

Executive Board District 4- Bradley M. Milliken

Executive Board District 5- Lance Yednock

Executive Board District 7- Robert L. Cook

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