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October 2021 Recapping Pension Improvement Details

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One of the less-publicized elements of the fiscal cliff deal reached by Congress on New Year’s Day was the extension of the Wind Energy Tax Credit, which gives developers an economic incentive to construct wind farms. The extension will affect all wind farms that begin construction in 2013.

Had the tax credit not been extended, almost half of the 75,000 wind-energy-related jobs in the United States might have been lost. Hundreds of manufacturing jobs would also have been shed.

The extension of the credit will have a positive impact on Local 150 members in Northwest and North-Central Illinois, who have been put to work moving dirt, digging foundations, erecting towers, and paving access roads.

Local 150 members placed more than 100 phone calls to Congressmen and Senators in the weeks leading up to the extension, urging them to protect this vital source of employment and renewable energy. 

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