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Today, Governor Pritzker released his framework for a $41 billion funding package for transportation infrastructure and state capital construction. The bill would raise Illinois’ state gasoline and diesel taxes by 19 cents and increase registration fees for infrastructure while paying for building construction with a ride-share tax and various other fees. The plan will be considered by both legislative chambers, where changes are sure to be made.

While the revenue being suggested for roads and bridges is a step in the right direction, there are additional opportunities to enhance the plan, and we will be working with the governor and legislature to improve the plan and move it toward passage in the next two weeks.

You can read the plan here, and a summary of funding is below:

Transportation: $28.6 billion

    • Nearly $11 billion in Multi-Year Plan roads and bridges
    • Over $12 billion in new roads in bridges
    • $3.4 billion in mass transit
    • $442 million for the Chicago Region Environmental and Transportation Efficiency Program (CREATE)
    • $769 million in rail
    • $478 million in aeronautics
    • $607 million for miscellaneous transportation


Education: $5.9 billion

    • $2.4 billion in higher education, including deferred maintenance and new projects at public universities and community colleges
    • $3 billion for school construction
    • $111 million for early childhood education
    • $400 million for school maintenance


State Facilities: $4.4 billion

    • $4.4 billion in statewide deferred maintenance and state facility projects


Environment/Conservation: $1 billion

    • $140 million for renewable energy projects, including solar and energy efficiency upgrades at state facilities and transportation electrification in low-income communities
    • $873 million for environmental, conservation, and recreation projects, including:
    • $100 million for unsewered communities
    • $75 million for park and recreational facility construction
    • $31 million for flood mitigation
    • $22 million for dam and waterway projects
    • $20 million for conservation reserve enhancement
    • $29 million for Illinois green infrastructure grants
    • $290 million for hazardous waste
    • $92 million for ecosystem restoration
    • $25 million for land acquisition
    • $150 million for water revolving fund
    • $39 million for well plugging


Broadband Deployment: $420 million

    • $400 million for statewide broadband expansion
    • $20 million for Illinois Century Network


Healthcare and Human Services: $440 million

    • $175 million for affordable housing
    • $50 million for community health centers
    • $200 million for hospital and healthcare transformation
    • $15 million for human services grant program


Economic and Community Development: $711 million

    • $145 million for public infrastructure
    • $240 million for community development
    • $101 million for economic development
    • $50 million for prime sites
    • $35 million for ports
    • $25 million for education and scientific facilities
    • $50 million for economically depressed areas
    • $50 million for emerging technology enterprises
    • $15 million for Minority Owned Business Program