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Highway to Health Expo on Sunday, October 22, 2023.

Registration is now open!  We are thrilled to partner with our vendors, providers from our health centers, and additional FREE services for eligible members, retirees, and covered dependents.

The Highway to Health Expo will take place across the District 1 campus which includes the Union Hall, Fringe Benefit Funds Office, and the Operators’ Health Center.  Light refreshments, beverages, kids’ activities, and numerous raffles will be available throughout the event.

Event time: The event and appointments start at 9:00 am (only exception is some LifeLine Screening appointments that will begin at 8:00 am). The Expo ends at 2:00 pm.

Check-in time: 8:30 am and throughout the day, depending on your appointment times.  This is where you will pick up your welcome packet.

Check-in location: District 1 Union Hall, 6200 Joliet Rd. Countryside, IL 60525. Park and enter at the south entrance of the Union Hall.

General Registration: General Registration is closed. If you would still like to attend the event, please visit the Welcome Table the day of the event to check in.  The Welcome Table will be located inside the District 1 Union Hall.

Event Activities

At the District 1 Union Hall (see address above):

  • JetDental– FREE exam and teeth cleanings. Be sure to click the JetDental Appointment Registration tile below to schedule your appointment!
  • SkinIO- FREE skin checks. Be sure to click the SkinIO Appointment Registration tile below to schedule your appointment!
  • Visit our vendor tables for important benefit information and FREE giveaways
  • Meet Fund Office Staff
  • Enjoy a presentation which will highlight changes for the upcoming Plan Year (April 1, 2024, through March 31, 2025) and additional vendor services.  This presentation will be scrolling throughout the event.
  • FREE light refreshments, beverages, kids’ activities, and raffles

At the Operators’ Health Center (6150 Joliet Rd. Ste OHC. Countryside, IL 60525):

  • Enter at the west entrance under the Operators’ Health Center awning
  • Receive a FREE flu shot
  • Schedule any upcoming appointments
  • Meet the Operators’ Health Center staff

At the Fringe Benefit Funds Office (6150 Joliet Rd. Countryside, IL 60525):

  • LifeLine Screenings– FREE preventive screenings (enter at north entrance- look for signage!) Be sure to click the LifeLine Screenings Appointment Registration tile below to schedule your appointment!
  • Union Eyes– FREE eye exam, laser retinal screening, and discounts on frames and lenses (enter at southwest entrance- look for signage!) Be sure to click the Union Eyes Appointment Registration tile below to schedule your appointment!

Come join us for a day of Building Better Health.

FREE Highway to Health On-Site Services

If you would like an appointment for any of the free services outlined below, you will need to click on each vendor tile to select an appointment time on the day of the event.

Service options are:

Dental cleaning from Jet Dental 

Jet Dental, a partner of Delta Dental of Illinois, is a professional dental group that is coming directly to the District 1 Union Hall to provide at no cost for all eligible members, retirees and covered dependents who wish to attend the Highway to Health Expo:

    • Comprehensive exams
    • Preventative cleanings
    • X-rays

Jet Dental registration tips:

— When registering for an appointment please enter a zero for “Dental Insurance Provider” and “Dental Insurance ID Number”.

— There will be three disclaimers at the end of the registration that should be marked YES.

Please Note:

— Jet Dental can only see patients over the age of three

— Members with coverage under the Bronze PPO health plan option should take advantage of this offering since the Bronze PPO plan does not have dental coverage.

Preventive service screening from LifeLine Screenings

This includes a carotid artery ultrasound and screenings for atrial fibrillation, peripheral arterial disease, abdominal aortic aneurysm, and osteoporosis.

skin check from SkinIO

Many of our members are exposed to the sun most of the year. This is a great opportunity to speak with a specialist and learn about proper skin care to avoid skin cancer.

Free eye exam and laser retinal screening from Union Eyes

Union Eyes is a partnership with local trade unions to provide the best eye care experience for members and their families. They are here to educate union members on the importance of annual eye examinations and the benefits of detecting early systemic disease through comprehensive eye examination.

Services available from Union Eyes at the Highway to Health Expo include:

    • Free eye exam
    • Free state-of-the-art diagnostic laser retinal screening
    • 3D scanning of frames that will be provided on site with customized shatterproof lenses with premium antireflective coating which will be cut in as little as 15 minutes for those with single vision prescriptions
    • Over 400 American made dress frames, safety frames and traditional imported designer eyewear to choose from along with equipment to preadjust each frame to your face to meet your unique dimensions

You are welcome to bring any old or unused eyewear with you the day of the event to be recycled.

Talk with MOE's Trusted Partners and Fund Office Staff

Along with giveaways, our partnered vendors can talk with you about the services they offer:

Absolute Solutions provides FREE medically necessary MRI, PET, or CT scan services. Once you contact them, Absolute Solutions will coordinate with Valenz to certify your procedure and tell you what facility is closest so you can schedule the appointment.

ATI Physical Therapy provides medically necessary physical therapy services. ATI will complete the certification process with Valenz, discuss your treatment plan, and schedule your FREE visits. You can also talk with a therapist about your needs; you may be able to use ATI’s telehealth services.

Delta Dental of Illinois is our preferred provider for dental services. Stop by their booth for a FREE toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. Taking care of your teeth and gums benefits your overall health. For example, dental care can reduce joint inflammation, lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes complications, and improve respiratory health.

Employee Resource Services (ERS), your Member Assistant Program, offers you and your family resources regardless of eligibility. You can have up to five FREE counseling sessions per episode with a master’s level clinician. Counselors and work-life consultants are available 24/7 and all calls are completely confidential.

EyeMed Advantage Network is the preferred vision partner. Speak to a representative regarding a free eye exam and numerous discounts on eyewear.  There will also be discounted hearing services information available through Amplifon. 

Fidelity Investments is the recordkeeper of the Retirement Enhancement Fund (REF). Their representatives can talk with you about your REF account or other investment accounts. They also offer financial planning assistance and retirement planning resources.

Fund Office staff will be available to discuss other free services such as Virta Diabetes Reversal program and the MinuteClinic partnership. In addition, information will be available regarding our Prescription Drug Program.

Gateway Foundation and Recovery Centers of America are organizations that help our eligible members and covered dependents receive the support they need to get on the road to recovery from alcohol/substance abuse or co-occurring mental health disorders. Their treatment programs are designed to help you through a crisis and teach lifelong skills that can help you maintain your sobriety.

Midwest Coalition of Labor (MCL) provides a host of great services to our dues-paying members who are in good standing. Stop by to receive information on these FREE services:

    • MCL Credit Union provides numerous services, including new/used car, boat, and motorcycle loans; first mortgages; home equity credit lines; and more.
    • MCL Health Centers are excited to announce that they’re partnering with other building trade organizations to construct five additional health centers to provide FREE covered services to eligible members, retirees, and covered dependents. The five additional health centers will be located in Northbrook, Elgin, Grayslake, Joliet, and Utica.
    • Megent Financial offers you access to certified financial planners who can provide financial planning advice for members of all ages at no cost. If you are nearing retirement, speak with a Megent representative to schedule an appointment. They can also assist you with completing your MOE pension application packet.
    • Voya Financial provides active members with $10,000 of FREE life insurance and $5,000 of FREE accidental death and dismemberment insurance. The MCL is hosting another Open Enrollment during October; active members can purchase additional tax-free supplemental life insurance coverage, which is extended to age 70—no questions asked, and no medical exam is required.

Operators’ Health Center (OHC) and Everside Health (Local 150 Primary Medical Homes) will both have providers available to talk about FREE covered services available under your health plan option. They can also provide information on ancillary services, such as:

    • Physical Therapy – available at both OHC facilities
    • Behavioral Health – available at the Countryside OHC, including telehealth visits
    • Chiropractic Services – available at the Everside facilities in Rockford, IL, and Davenport, IA
    • 24/7 Triage Nurse Line – provided by Everside Health as a resource for after-hours urgent care

Valenz is the Certification and Case Manager of the Welfare Fund. They can answer questions about the certification process for medical services that require approval. Valenz also provides FREE Case Management to eligible members of the Welfare Fund and Retiree Welfare Plan during times of serious illness or injury. The program matches you with a dedicated Nurse Case Manager who coordinates your health care and guides you through treatment.