IUOE Local 150
IUOE Local 150
MOE Benefit Funds
MOE Benefit Funds
Apprenticeship and Skill Improvement Program
Apprenticeship and Skill Improvement Program
Contractor Portal
Contractor Portal

To view additional plan documents, you can visit your My150 and click on My LIBRARY


  1. Accidental Dismemberment Benefit Claim Form
  2. Active Employee Death Benefit Beneficiary Designation Form
  3. Adult Child Enrollment Form
  4. Change of Address Form
    • If you recently moved, please login to your www.My150.com account to easily update your address by clicking on your My Profile.  By updating your address on My150 all Local 150 entities will be notified of your updated address (District Office and Fund Office). Alternatively, you can complete this Change of Address Form and submit it to the Fund Office.
  5. Changes to Privacy Notice and Forms/Personal Representative Form – please update your PHI pin through My150 (www.my150.com)
    • If you do not have a My150 account, please click here and complete the attached Personal Representative Form to update your PHI pin
  6. Disability Claim Instructions and Forms
  7. Disabled Dependent Eligibility Review Form
  8. Electronic Consent Form
  9. Family Supplemental Claim Form
  10. Health and Welfare Claim Form
  11. Reciprocity Transfer Form
  12. Retiree Medical Savings Plan (RMSP) Claim Form
  13. Retiree Medical Savings Savings Plan (RMSP) Beneficiary Form
    • Please submit this information to the Member Services Department at the Fringe Benefit Funds Office
  14. VOYA Beneficiary Designation Form
    • This form is used to update the MCL $10,000 basic death benefit (for members only) and for the Supplemental Life Insurance.  Once the form is completed, please mail to: Kocher Insurance Group, Inc.
      ATTN: Will McCabe
      1165 N. Clark Street, 7th Floor
      Chicago, IL 60610
  15. Welfare Fund Appeal Request Form